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A new theory on men’s penis shape?

Posted in news by jenapincott on April 27, 2010

Several months ago, I blogged about a new theory on why men love breasts. New theories pop up all the time, so it’s no surprise that there are new theories on male body parts, too. A recent issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior features an alternative explanation for the shape of the human penis.

As described in BLONDES, the prevailing theory on why the human penis has a distinctive head and corona (rounded projecting border) is that it can scoop out semen deposited in the vagina by a woman’s previous lovers, thus averting a pregnancy. This means the last lover, not the first, gets the head-start.

Not likely, says Dr. Edwin Bowman, in his letter to the editor.

Instead of scooping out other men’s semen, writes Bowman, the penile head and corona scoop out vaginal secretions. After collected, these fluids are then absorbed by the foreskin. The mucous membrane of the foreskin, it turns out, is like a sponge for the stuff.

Why would evolution select for men to absorb vaginal secretions?

Just as semen has “mind control properties,” so do vaginal fluids. When ovulating and most likely to conceive, these secretions contain neurohormones such as pitocin and vasopressin. The latter in particular has been associated with bonding and is thought to trigger protective behavior among males for their partners. Vasopressin, after all, is thought of as a male “love drug.” Flooded with bonding hormones, a guy may be more likely to stick around if he impregnates his partner.

Knowing this, will more men use condoms?


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  1. Mary Mactavish said, on August 9, 2010 at 1:03 am

    Maybe we’ll get past the idea that we need to cut off babies’ foreskins, at any rate. Maybe.

  2. Sage said, on April 9, 2011 at 9:07 am

    I have thought about the shape of the penis alot – considering all the different shapes and whatnot.

    This is quit interesting addon to the mushroom head design performing a suction for previous partners sperm.

    In answer to the Q – Why would vaginal liquid be in demand to males? Yes – the hormones makes sense, but also the more basic makeup of the liquid is said to be quite good for the male in the sense of a source of nutrients since the male ejaculation of sperm is quite taxing on the male body. This also applies to asians and sex. You may notice that asian males when they have sex will do some seemingly strange sucking whiles kissing – This is to absorb the females saliva from under the tongue which is said to be potent in its enzymes and benificial to the male.

    These 2 sources, even though they are beneficial will not completely make up for the loss of semen – and since this loss of semen has to be quickly replaced in supply – there is an energy and essence loss for the male – hence tiredness after ejaculation.

    Hope this enlightens you. ^_^

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