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Bright hair for dark days

Posted in news by jenapincott on February 4, 2009

emo040054According to Brit magazine Marie Claire, more women are dying their hair blond to cope with recession blues. Quoting a celebrity hairdresser, the article mentions that going blonde makes women feel more confident, youthful, and attention-attracting. In light of a recession, blond hair is defiantly sunny. It’s a reminder, perhaps, of youth and its hope, resilience, nonchalance.

Or is it that women are going blond to attract men? If so, it behooves them to read about how tough economic conditions affect men’s preferences in mates.

All this said, lightening up is an investment. With a touch-up required every 2-3 weeks, the cost of maintenance adds up. In fact, the downturn could reveal some very dark roots.


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